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What birth doula support looks like and what you can expect from me

Two Home Visits

Becoming better acquainted and learning about your priorities for the birth experience

Discuss comfort measures and labor positions

Assist you in formulating your birth preferences

Assist you in planning for the postpartum phase

Answer your questions with up-to-date and evidence based information

On Call Availability

Unlimited telephone, text, and email support to address any questions or concerns

Beginning at 38 weeks I am available 24/7 to ​join to you when you are in labor

Guaranteed backup doula support 

Continuous Labor Support 

I join you at your home or hospital when you are in active labor

Offer physical, emotional, and informational support

Support your right for informed consent

Work as a team with your chosen Midwife or OB/GYN 

Postpartum Support

Support skin to skin and bonding

Initial assistance with breastfeeding after birth

Postpartum Home Visit

Come to your home after the birth to check on your transition, as well as process the birth experience

Be available via phone, text, email for 4 weeks after birth for additional support, resources





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