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    Giving birth is one of the most intense experiences one can have in life. Ask a new parent to tell the story of their child's birth and you will most likely get lots of specific information and an emotional play by play of every little moment. But a few years go by and the specificity fades a bit. The story becomes more of an outline, some clear and bold passages, but the smaller details are lost to time, memory, and lets face it, the lack of sleep that parenthood introduces into your new way of life.



    AUDIO BIRTH STORY is a service that allows families to capture and document their birth story in an interactive and expressive way. I come to your home with my microphones and recording equiptment and we discuss your entire birth experience. Then I take our conversation, edit, clean, and underscore it with music to create a beautiful account of your child's entrance into this world. 





Buck's Birth Story as shared by his mother, Dayva, is an example of what you can expect from your AUDIO BIRTH STORY.
Buck's Birth StoryAUDIO BIRTH STORIES by Rebecca Belenky

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