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I have been fascinated by childbirth my entire life. Growing up, I loved getting as many details about birth from relatives and my mom's friends. What I noticed was that these women didn't have many positive things to say about the experience except for the fact that they had a baby at the end of it all. 


It wasn't until my own pregnancies and births that I learned to appreciate how transformative and life changing the experience can truly be. Unlike the narrative I had heard my whole life, childbirth didn't have to be something that you "suffered throughjust to get to the end result. Childbirth can be a joyous, and empowering experience. As I support more and more families I learn and appreciate how unique the birth experience is for each individual involved in the process.  

My work as a doula addresses the emotional and physical needs of the individual giving birth and their family, as well as sharing evidence based information and options throughout the birth and parenting journey. I count myself lucky to be able to lend my skills and support to families during this very important time of their lives.


I am certified through DONA INTERNATIONAL. I completed my DONA International birth doula training at the Penny Simkin Institute at Bastyr University in San Diego, California in 2014. I am trained in the techniques of Spinning Babies and I am certified to support families preparing to use the Hypnobirthing  technique. I have completed additional advanced birth and advanced postpartum trainings with Two Doulas Birth in Los Angeles.

There are so many ways to bring a child into the world. I have experience supporting:


Hospital Births

Birth Center Births 

Home Births

High Risk Pregnancies

Planned Cesareans

Breech Birth Options

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