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Thank you doesn't seem to suffice for the calm, steady, positive energy you provided for us during this process. I remember telling people after I first spoke and met with you that you were like an all-natural-human Xanax!


Thank you for all of your guidance and knowledge. We truly appreciate you and your beautiful work. You helped make this journey so special for us!


The amazing thing about Rebecca is that she’s very thoughtful and intuitive at the same time.  She has a great wealth of knowledge about all the different styles of births that people choose, but once you decide on your birth plan, she is there for you every step of the way emotionally, physically, and as an advocate for your desired outcome.

Having someone kind and knowledgable to talk to and help orient my wife’s mind towards what she truly wanted to get out of her birth experience (besides a healthy baby of course!) was already worth Rebecca’s fee... and that was before we even went into labor!  Then once we were in the hospital and my wife began to experience the most pain she had ever felt, Rebecca really started to shine.  She created a calm, compassionate atmosphere, and stayed out-of-the-way but very emotionally present at the same time.  When it was time, she walked me and my wife through many different strategies of pain management, until we found the combination that worked for us, and boy did it work!  I am fairly certain we would have had a very different outcome if Rebecca was not there...  It wasn’t that the hospital staff was bad at all, it was just so invaluable having someone there just for us, to walk us through this experience... someone who had been through it twice herself, and witnessed it countless more times on top of that. 


I would recommend Rebecca to anyone interested in upping their chances of having a positive and empowering birth experience.  Oh, and on top of all that Rebecca is an excellent photographer and captured our daughter in her very first moments, without being intrusive at all.  Our new family is forever grateful to her!


Rebecca was a grounding source of support during the natural birth of my 2nd baby. I was having contractions for weeks, and she patiently calmed me through it, checking in periodically to see how I was doing and letting me do most of the checking in so as to alleviate the "when is baby coming" pressure I was feeling from everyone else in the world, including myself! 


When labor finally occurred it was SUPER speedy and Rebecca's presence was exactly what I needed. She was jovial when I needed so that I could remain present and connected; and quiet/calm/serene when the process required my concentration.  


Rebecca's style of offering advice, is truly to offer up information and she never suggests anything with 'shoulds' -- which I really appreciated. It was a great comfort to me that she is also a mother and could relate directly to the experience of birthing and the postpartum process.



Rebecca was great. She was just what we needed- someone knowledgeable and calming during labor.

She provided a steady peaceful presence with her coaching and support. She was very patient with us

and took charge when we needed her to. We highly recommend Rebecca.


                            Elizabeth & Jason

We were hesitant about hiring a doula but as the due date approached we realized that we could use some help. Once we met with Rebecca we felt confident that we didn't need to look any further. Her warm and caring demeanor put us at ease as did her extensive knowledge and experience in the birthing process. As a mother of two Rebecca was also able to use her personal experience to answer many of our questions, this was very helpful. Rebecca really took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for in our birth experience.


We planned on having a natural birth in a hospital and thanks to Rebecca we were able to do this successfully. She helped guide us through various decisions regarding medical procedures, providing us with all the information we could possibly need. Using relaxation techniques, she kept me calm throughout my labor. At the hospital, Rebecca was the ideal support person, knowing exactly when to step in and when to step back. In her gentle manner, she helped me manage my pain as well as reassure us that everything was going just fine. Rebecca is also a skillful photographer and captured the birth of our son beautifully!


We feel our birth experience would have been much different without Rebecca and we feel so lucky to have found her!

                                                                                                                         Anelia & Luis

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